• Want to work with professionals having relevant Business Central knowledge? Looking for a high-quality Hungarian localization pack?

    Be a customer or a global partner in an international Business Central implementation, we are ready to help You. With a certified localization solution, and professionals having more than a 100 projects' experience, AppVision Kft can be the perfect choice for your project.

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  • Implementation services

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    What we can offer

    We are here to help your rollout project run smoothly

    Our team consists of highly skilled consultants and developers with a background in several multi-country projects. They understand the challenges of international Microsoft Dynamics ERP rollouts, aiming flawless coordination with all participants and approach each project with care to detail.


    Offered services:

    • Training
    • Assistance in data migration
    • Go live support
    • First VAT reporting support
    • Development
    • Consultation
  • Localization apps

    What you must have, should have and could have if you run a business in Hungary.

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    Regulatory compliance

    Our app allows you to run your accountings, manage taxes and invoices in compliance with the Hungarian legislative rules.

    Functions and features:

    • Online Invoice interface
    • Invoice Rounding
    • Manage VAT transactions:
      • VAT Date
      • VAT Period setup
      • VAT Currency Rate
      • VAT id and EU VAT id – handling and verification
      • Group VAT id handling
      • VAT Clause handling
      • VAT Analytics report
    • VAT Statements: ANYK xx65A, xx65M and A60 connection
    • Reporting sales and goods transfer for Intrastat
    • Tax control audit reporting
    • Fixed assets Extended Posting Groups (sales and waste amounts are booked to different G/L accounts)
    • Valuate foreign currency bank entries by average

    • Chronological document date order

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    National standards

    A package of functions and features that are not mandatory by regulations, but must haves for all companies acting in Hungary.

    Functions and features:

    • Petty cash
    • Bank interfaces
    • Advance payment handling
    • Bank account selection (own account numbers to trading documents)
    • Trading documents (sales invoice, sales credit memo, sales shipment, sales order confirmation, sales quote, return order confirmation)
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    Client requirements

    Growing number of selectable extensions (small applications), making the use of Business Central even more convenient.

    Some examples:

    • Compensation
    • Fixed assets reports (receipt, disposal, card)
    • E-invoice
    • Document text
    • Interface to the system of the Hungarian chamber of auditors
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    Hungarian language pack

    Let your Hungarian employees use Business Central in their native language

    You can easily navigate in Business Central using the Hungarian language pack. The pack contains the translation of the actions, commands, functions and tooltips letting users executing business processes in their native language.

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    Continuous improvements

    Keeping pace with the changes

    Working as an extension makes our apps easily and rapidly updateable in line with the releases coming from Microsoft, according to legislation changes or function additions.

  • Want to know, what's coming?

    Regulatory changes in a glance

    October 7, 2019 · Taxation
    October 7, 2019 · Online invoice
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    Our Partners' solutions which can make your project even more successful

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